Time flies 

If you were to ask me I’m middle school what I thought life would be like, I wouldn’t have told you “in New York” that’s for sure. 

I moved here angry and upset; I was leaving my bestfriends, my sports teams, my first real boyfriend and my church. But now I am oddly happy. Yes, I have my moments but over all life has treated me well. 

What you never expect is what usually happens (at least in my life). 

It’s been about 2 years since I lived in Texas and I’m no longer begging to leave NY to go and live in TX. 

You see, I met the best people here and it’s honestly so strange to think I’ve only known them a year or two. I feel like I’ve known them my entire life. 

Texas feels like another lifetime; here I have 3 people that are my absolute everything. They have changed my life. And I never expected them to be in my life AT ALL. 

And I titled this “Time Flies” because I’m just reflecting on how insane it’s all been, and who has kept their promises and never left. The people I thought would be there forever, never check up on me. But the people here i have been through hell and back and they walked with me. 

I can’t believe I’ve been living a different life than 2 years ago; it all feels like yesterday. 

The life I’m in now is by all means not perfect. But I can see myself evolving even more in the next two years. And when I graduate; highschool will have felt too quick and too long all at once. 


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